Draft/Draught/Heavy Horse

Finnish Draft

Horse/Light Horse


Finnish Universal

    Finland evolved two types of the same breed of horse from the same root stock--the country's domestic horse and the local native pony found along the Baltic coast, crossed and bred up with northern "cold blood" and eastern "hot blood" animals.  In this way the Finnish Draft and the Finnish Universal combine the best of both worlds.  They inherit the quiet, kind, pulling character of the heavy horse, allied to the traits of the innate courage, liveliness and long life of Oriental strains and Thoroughbred blood.
    I now believe that the Draft, Universal, and Trotter are other versions of the same Finnish Horse.  I will keep them on separate pages unless someone tells me that they should be otherwise.
    In addition to the above breeds and crosses between the Finnish horse (whichever one) and the Norfolk trotter and Gudbrandsdal, I have heard that Finland was also home to a horse called the Klepper.  If you have any information about this breed, please contact me!  Thanks!

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