East Bulgarian

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Names:  East Bulgarian.

Origin:  A policy of selective breeding has produced this first-class crossbred.  It originated since 1900 and was based originally on Thoroughbred and English half-bred blood crossed with Arab, Anglo-Arab and Bulgarian Native horses.  Since the type was fixed early in the century, only Thoroughbred blood has been used for upgrading.


Description:  A compact good-looking animal, in appearance not unlike a good stamp of Anglo-Arab.

Action:  Active paces.

Color:  Usually chestnut, bay or black

Profile:  Straight.

Size:  Up to 16 hands.

Temperament:  Good, cooperative.

Features:  Selective breeding has brought about improvements in the competitive disciplines, but the East Bulgarian cannot compare, when it comes to a trial of speed, with the Thoroughbred.

Uses:  A light riding and draft horse.  In common with many other European warmblood horses, this breed is still expected to work on the land as well as under saddle, but it is successful in competitive sports as diverse as dressage and steeplechasing.  Equally at home working on the land, pulling loads or competing both at dressage and at jumping.





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